VIGRUE 100Pcs 6-28.6mm Single Ear Hose Clamps 10 Sizes


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  • This single ear hose clamp set covers inner diameter range of 6-28.6mm (10 sizes: 6-7mm, 7-8.7mm, 8.8-10.5mm, 10.3-12.8mm, 12.8-15.3mm, 15.3-18.5mm, 17.8-21.0mm, 20.3-23.5mm, 22.4-25.6mm, 25-28.6mm) which are widely used in hoses and plastic pipes, especially suitable for beverage, automotive, marine, motorcycle, and industrial applications.

knob with set screw

  • Made of 100% stainless steel, these clamps have anti-corrosion and anti-rust functions.

hex set screw

  • [Special design] The special design of the snail provides a powerful thermal expansion compensation function, which compensates for the change in size caused by the change of pipe, so that the pipeline is always in a good sealing condition. and tightening. The narrow band design provides more concentrated sealing pressure, and the clamping effect is evident, which is stronger than traditional screw clamps.

delta set screw

  • This kit includes useful ear clip, handle with plastic coating, which is convenient for your installation, and is widely used for single ear tube clamps, double ear tube clamps, etc.

towel bar set screw

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Dimensions 1.57 × 3.15 × 10.63 cm


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