Vigrue 1225pcs Hex Screws Kit


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hex screw won t come out

how to install hex head screws

hex head screw covers

  • Reliable Quality:Made of high quality 10.9 Grade Alloy Steel, which features superior corrosion resistance, which ensure a long time using
  • Various Sizes:the kit includes M2 M3 M4 M5 hex flat head cap bolts with matching nuts, washers and wrenches; total is 1225pcs
  • Handy Box:This set is organized by size in a durable and sturdy case, which is easy to get the bolts you need and convenient to put off your tiny parts
  • Wide Application:hex flat head bolts washers and nuts assortment kit serves a wide range of use and for professionals, amateurs, landlords, repairmen, other DIY; The kit covers the most common sizes, which meet your requirement
  • Service:VIGRUE provide lifetime service for our product quality problem, if you have any question or suggestion, please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to provide you a pleasure shopping experience.”

hex head screw with phillips

VIGRUE 1225 Flat Head Socket Cap Bolts Nuts Washers Assortment Kit with 4 matching wrenches

Package Includes

m2 m3 bolts nuts and washers
  • M2*8—30 PCS M2*12—30 PCS
  • M2*16—30 PCS M2*20—30 PCS
  • M2 Nuts—–140 PCS
  • M2 Washers—–140 PCS
  • M3*8—-30 PCS M3*12—-30 PCS
  • M3*16—-30 PCS M3*20—30 PCS
  • M3 Nuts——140 PCS
  • M3 Washers—–140 PCS
m4 m5 bolts nuts and washers
  • M4*8—20 PCS M4*12—-20 PCS
  • M4*16—-20 PCS M4*20—-20 PCS
  • M4 Nuts————90 PCS
  • M4 Washers———90 PCS
  • M5*8—15 PCS M5*12—-15 PCS
  • M5*16—-15 PCS M5*20—-10 PCS
  • M5 Nuts————-55 PCS
  • M5 Washers——55 PCS

hex head screw types       5 16 hex head wood screw       1 4 in hex inch torque screw driver


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